Q.  What are the benefits of sunless tanning?


  A.  While the negative effects of the sun and UV tanning beds continue to be a main topic in the media, people are switching to safer tanning alternatives.  One of the most popular alternatives has become the sunless tan.  Once only available to celebrities, custom spray tanning is now widely available and affordable, and has made sunless tanning lotions and spray booths things of the past. Because of its extremely natural appearance and easy application process, airbrush tanning can not only save you time and money, but can save your skin as well.

  • does not damage skin

  • skin firming formula and antioxidants

  • minimizes cellulite, stretch marks, and vericose veins

  • improves skin's appearance and evens out skin tone

  • made from natural and organic ingredients

  • 100% Paraben FREE

  • quick and easy -  does not require multiple sessions to build up a tan - perfect for the busy tanner!