Spray Tanning and Tattoos

When booking our mobile spray tanning appointments with clients, one question we often receive is, "How will the spray tan affect my tattoo?"

The active ingredient in the sunless solution, Dihydroxyacetone or DHA, works with the skin's proteins and amino acids and turns the skin a brown color when it's exposed to oxygen. The process is similar to what happens when you slice open an apple and leave it sitting out. The flesh of the fruit turns brown from the exposure to the air.

Most tattoos contain enough pigment that the DHA will only affect the skin, and not the color of the tattoo. Some lighter colors such as pale yellows, flesh colors, or white tattoos may, however, darken slightly with the application of DHA. The majority of our "tatted up" clients have found no issue with spray tanning over their tattoos and spray tan weekly.

If you are concerned about your tattoo, ask your spray tan artist to apply a bit of barrier cream to the area prior to spraying to protect to color. When exposed to UV light from the sun or a tanning bed, proper precautions should be taken to keep the color from fading. Try using a broad spectrum SPF sunblock or tattoo balm stick to protect your body art and investment.

** When receiving a new tattoo, avoid spray tanning until the tattoo has healed completely. Use petroleum jelly to protect a brand NEW tattoo when spray tanning.

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