Tanning Tip: Shaving with a Sunless Tan


1. Only use a SHARP razor when shaving sunless skin.

Since Spray Tans only affect the top 25% of our skin, dull razors sometimes tend to take dead skin along with them too (your spray tan). This could result in an uneven fade, or even a distinct difference in color where you shaved.

2. Keep your razor blade SHARP by soaking it in Olive Oil

Did you know that you can preserve your razor by soaking it in olive oil? During the summer, we most definitely use our razor more than any other time of year. We need to extend the lives of our daily used razors as long as possible, because using a dull razor on your spray tan could end up taking not only unwanted hair, but skin (and you tan) as well.

3. Shave with CONDITIONER

Most conditioners do not contain ingredients like alcohol and mineral oil that is often found in soaps and shaving cream. Alcohol and mineral can actually cause your sunless tan to fade prematurely. Conditioner can help to keep your legs SILKY SMOOTH and help prolong the life of your tan! I use a $1 conditioner from Publix, and it works great. Even cheaper than a lot of shaving creams!

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