5 Steps to a Flawless At-Home Spray Tan

If you have tried DIY sunless tanning lotions, sprays, or wipe on self-tanners at home, chances are you may have had a a mishap in application. Streaks, missed spots, and the dreaded "orange" hue has often been associated with DIY self-tanners and most often is simply from user error.

We have listed below 5 steps to achieve a flawless sunless tan at home, just like a professional. The quality of product you use can make a difference. Of course, we recommend using Infinite Glow "Glow-on-the-Go" Self-Tanning Spray, but these tips will work with any self-tanner.

STEP 1: Exfoliate skin thoroughly 24-48 hours before applying your Sunless Tan with a body scrub or use the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt for even exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.

STEP 2: Your skin should be as clean and soft as possible. Be sure skin is free of any lotion, oil, or make-up, and use deodorant sparingly, as they all will inhibit the sunless tanner from absorbing into the skin.

STEP 3: Apply a thin layer of lotion, preferably containing mineral oil, on backs of hands, tops of feet, heels, wrists, elbows, and any area of the skin that is dry or areas where tan is not desired. This will slow down the absorption process for a more natural appearance in areas of the skin that tend to take the solution darker.

STEP 4: Use Infinite Glow "Glow-on-the-Go" Self Tanning Spray" for best results and even application. Hold can 8-10 inches away and keep can moving in an even spraying motion over skin (think how you would spray hairspray). Spray in light layers to build color.

If using a self-tanning lotion or foam, use a tanning mitt to prevent staining of hands and for even application. Be sure to evenly rub lotion throughout skin for full coverage.

STEP 5: Avoid skin on skin contact. When damp skin touches damp skin, or if skin perspires on itself, it can compromise the application of the tan. Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight or may rub off the solution. Allow skin to dry and avoid getting wet, sweating, or friction on the skin for at least 4-6 hours. Afterward, rInse with warm water and avoid using soap for at least 16 hours.

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