Q.  What can cause my tan to fade?


  A.  These products may or may not affect everyone equally. This is just

a guideline of things to consider to prevent a sunless tan from fading prematurely.

Topical Skin Products and other Medications​
  • Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging  products can exfoliate and dry the skin, causing it to fade, often unevenly or patchy                                                                                                                         

                         -BHA products-Beta Hyrdoxy acids - salicylic acid                              

                         -AHA products-Alpha Hydroxy acids- glycolic, lactic, malic, citric, and tartaric acids                              -Tretinoin products -Retin-A, Renova, Avita, Altinac

  • Antibiotics and other medications that may affect your skin may also affect your tan 

Beauty and Soap Products
  • Bar soaps with high pH levels, especially deodorant and antibacterial soaps

  • Dove brand soap and body wash shower products 

  • Loofah, scrub brush, exfoliating gloves, or rough body cleansers when bathing or showering - instead use a soft wash cloth, puffy sponge, or hands to gently cleanse skin      

  • Mineral Oil or products containing Mineral Oil 

  • Makeup remover and eye makeup remover oils 

  • Facial masks and exfoliating scrubs 

  • Biore-type adhesive facial strips and peel away masks 

  • Toners containing high amounts of alcohol or witch hazel - do not use if they are listed in the top 3 ingedients 

  • Curel brand lotions  

  • In shower moisturizing lotions, such as Olay Quench In-Shower Body Lotion 

  • Hair inhibiting lotions, such as Jergens Shave Minimizing lotion 

  • Perfumes, body sprays, and bug sprays when sprayed directly on skin.  Spray on clothes or into air and walk into the "cloud" of spray

Shaving, Waxing, Bleaching
  • Dull razors shave off more of your skin and "tan"- Use a sharp clean razor and an oil-free moisturizing lubricant when shaving

  • Waxing or depilatory hair removal products - Nair, Veet, Neet, or any body hair waxing product 

  • Body hair bleaching products


Other Spray Tan Killers
  • Dry skin causes the tan to fade faster - healthy moisturized skin tans best and lasts longer - moisturize twice daily and after showering with a heavy moisturizing cream, like Infinite Glow® After Glow Daily Moisturizer

  • Oily skin causes the tan to appear lighter - the oils can coat the skin preventing proper absorption of the DHA 

  • Swimming pools, hot tubs, and long hot baths or showers can fade your tan 

  • Hormonal changes, such as ovulation, menstruation, and pregnancy may affect the development of the tan.  It may appear streaky, patchy, fade unevenly, or produce little or no color 

  • Eating sardines the night before your spray tan can affect the pH balance of your skin, which can affect your skin’s ability to absorb the tanning solution. 

  • Band-Aids or adhesive tape applied to skin may "pull off" the color of your tan 

  • Excessive sweating from exercising may cause your tan to fade faster, particularly in body fold areas -arm bends, knee bends, cleavage, etc.